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API for full text search doesn't work

Hi! API https://archive.readme.io/docs/fulltext-search seems to be broken. Do I have any changes to use near future? Thanks in advance.

Is the archive.org Reverse Image Search API working?

I'm trying the provided command with my own image `look-up-without-spaces.png` in the same folder as my Mac Terminal: `curl -F "[email protected]" https://api.archivelab.org/v1/images` And it returns: ``` { "error": "list index out of range" }% ``` Is the example command wrong?

Retrieving Snapshots Dead

The availability API is dead at the moment. https://archive.org/wayback/available?url=www.example.com says there are no snapshots. I have already contacted [email protected] some days ago...

Advanced Search CORS Header

Hi! I am trying to fetch data from archive.org via the advanced search API https://archive.org/advancedsearch.php#raw However the only way I can do this now is by inserting the result into a script tag source. If I use the fetch API I don't get the Allow Origin header. (CORS Header) Do I need to add Headers myself when I use the Fetch API? Or is this just not accesable?

Ismail appleios

How can I open my Apple device notifications central or assive touch

Is the Snapshot API working?

I've been trying to use the [snapshot example tool]( https://archive.readme.io/docs/creating-a-snapshot) and all I get is 500 errors (if I include an annotation) and a 200 - with an error - if I don't. the 200 error is: { "error": "LiveWebCacheUnavailableException: The URL Live Web Archiving has encountered an error. is not available" }

Number of captures per year

Hello , is there any way to get number of captures per year for a domain name ? (the wayback machine api only returns the snapshot )

Dosbox software embed does not adjust to size

I'm trying to embed an MS Dos game into my webpage using the embed code found on the game's archive page. However, the 'screen' inside the embed is positioned outside the iframe. I'm attaching an image: [Imgur](https://i.imgur.com/Y7UG5Nm.png) The #emulate element gets a margin-top: 114.5px applied to it so it appears out of bounds. If the margin-top is removed (via inspect element), it works correctly. How would one go about inspecting the source code? I would like to contribute a fix, if possible, unless your team wants to fix this. It would be great to be able to use any size embed (for example, the games run at 640×400px, not the 560×384px of the default embed). The player already adjusts to the size correctly, it's just the top margin that is computed incorrectly. If that was fixed, it would all work great, at least for Dosbox embed. I did run into different sizing problems with the ZX Spectrum embed for example, so the whole system might need a checkup. Let me know where to start, thank you.

Is the Internet Archive IIIF v1 server down?

Our site has been successfully using the OpenSeadragon image viewer to view images hosted on the Internet Archive's IIIF server for the past few month, but starting around May 4, 2017 we are getting errors for a good percentage of the images displayed on our site. Initially, we were getting a 500 error, but today we are getting a 400 error. Is the server down? Has the Image API changed recently? Thanks!