Customize embedded BookReader?

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When embedding the BookReader as an iframe, are there any options or customizations? For example, I'd like to embed BookReader on web page "A" and customize the "full screen" button to go to URL (page "B") on my own domain -- rather than -- and then on page "B" I'd like to embed the fully functional BookReader.
Nov 28, 2016

Can you describe the specific use case?

Nov 28, 2016

Hi Mek (we met at Library Leaders Forum),

In our online digital library, the Theological Commons (, we select texts in IA that are relevant to theology/religion, download metadata and OCR text from IA, and put that data into our own database for searching, with a web-based front end for display. It's essentially a discovery layer for a subject-specific subset of IA texts. On the "details" page for a given text, we embed the BookReader, which by default has a simplified toolbar -- for example

For some users it's rather disorienting/off-putting to be taken to -- namely -- to view the book at full screen, rather than staying on It would be very slick to be able to customize the "full screen" button on the embedded BookReader so that it goes to a different page within where that page would contain nothing but an embedded BookReader with the full (not simplified) toolbar. So this is actually two feature requests: (1) option to customize the "full screen" button (and the linked book title on the left side of the toolbar, which has the same effect as the "full screen" button except that the link always goes to the title page, whereas the "full screen" button goes to the page you're currently viewing) and (2) allow embedding a BookReader with the full-fledged toolbar.


Mar 7, 2017
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